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It has taken me way too long to finally sit down and watch this edit, but boy oh boy it was worth the wait! For context, I have not seen any of his original Cyborg edits (though I'm happy to check them out).

Within the last several months, Bob has motivated me to watch the Six Million Dollar Man. I purchased the DVD sets of the series as well as The Bionic Woman. I anxiously watched all of the initial TV movies plus the first few episodes. Other things pulled me away for a period, but before I dove back into the show I figured it would be a good time to review things and I watched this edit. Well, THIS was the absolute best way to be introduced to the series. The flashbacks all make sense and are timed well within the context of the story. The first episode of the series, which I found to be fine was now elevated and the stakes felt higher as we watch our hero find his place in the world as the Bionic Man. The climax of the movie actually had me in suspense and ready to cheer as Steve Austin embraced and became the hero we all know and love.

This was a solid edit! Every adjustment was seamless, the choice in episodes worked to perfection and my enjoyment was worth six million dollars.

My ONLY gripe.....I NEED more Bionic Man movie edits from Bob!
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