Shogun Assassin Chapter Two: Flaming Swords of Carnage

Shogun Assassin Chapter Two: Flaming Swords of Carnage

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Shogun Assassin Chapter Two: Flaming Swords of Carnage
The greatest team in the history of mass slaughter returns.
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I have removed 95% of the dialogue and hired voice actors to re-dub the lines. I cut the running time down as much as I had the heart to. I have replaced almost all music with the original Shogun Assassin score plus new music that felt appropriate to make it feel more like Shogun Assassin. I have added sound effects, and a voice-over narration was created for the young boy, Daigoro, to emulate the original film. The film's introduction emulates the iconic original as well.

The goal with this project has been to piece together, for the lack of a better word, a "true" sequel to the amazing Shogun Assassin, utilizing the same techniques and choices which made it, in my opinion, something special and greater than the sum of its parts. The film is a brutal mashup of the third and fourth Lone Wolf and Cub films, edited down to the bare essentials, with Mark Lindsay’s iconic score claiming its rightful place front and center once again (plus a few other additions when the moment called), and and the vocals re-worked and re-dubbed by some talented voice artists including the return of Daigoro’s iconic narration. Shogun Assassin Chapter 2: Flaming Swords of Carnage is many things: it’s a movie that I’ve wanted to personally see for years, it’s an homage to a lot of great artists of film and music that have inspired me throughout my life, it’s been a project to keep me alive after disease and misfortune took up residence in my life for a good portion of 2017-2018, but mainly I hope it’s a welcome gift to fans of the original Shogun Assassin (I know you’re all out there SOMEWHERE) and a tribute to the cast and crew of the amazing, original Japanese films and to the American team that transformed those amazing films into the greatest samurai film ever made: Shogun Assassin. This film is not being sold. I have not made this for profit. I just wanted to see this movie, and I've had a lot of time on my hands.
Other Sources:
Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi:
Theme of Rome
Morning Fog (Interlude)
Her Hollow Ways (Interlude)
Roman Blue
The Gambling Priest
The Matador Has Fallen
Morning Fog
Her Hollow Ways

Nine Inch Nails:
Ghosts II

Juda Priest:

The Twilight Singers:
Toward The Waves

Dance This Mess Around

David Bowie:
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Angelo Badalamenti:
Harold’s Theme

Ennio Morricone:

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Mike Simonetti:
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Mark Lindsay and The Wonderland Philharmonic (Shogun Assassin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):
The Legend Of Lone Wolf
Daigoro's Theme
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Crimson Sky
Eyes Of A Demon
Lone Wolf's Theme

Additional Footage-
Various clips from "Shogun Assassin" used as well.
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Blu-Ray (BD-25)
Special Features
- Lone Wolf and Daigoro Character Trailer
- Oyuki Character Trailer
- Torizo Character Trailer
- Shogun Assassin Chapter Two Trailer
- Shogun Development (Shogun Assassin/Arrested Development Parody)
Editing Details:
The mission was to make a film that felt as much like a sequel to Shogun Assassin as possible. I did my best to cut the film down to the bone. Mostly killer/minimal filler.

Both films combined involve three attempted rapes and two actual rapes (one of which is off-screen). That's just a lot of rape! I honestly did my best to make it as un-exploitative as possible, sometimes just leaving the inference and sometimes just cutting back on the pervy, leering nature of the originals. I cut out two entire attempted rape/successful murder scenes by utilizing Daigoro's narration as a helpful crutch. Also this movie has TWO boring, old men who talk forever, and I minimized their screen time.
Cover art by WalrusSAS (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Final Trailer

Arrested Development Parody

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I knew about Lone Wolf and Cub but not about Shogun Assassin and I gotta say, I enjoyed the first movie even though I am purist when it comes to compiling, editing and mixing movies especially foreign movies for western audiences. But this movie won me over not just as a fan edit but a true and worthy follow-up to the original that should be released officially on DVD or Demand. This movie looks and sounds too professional for it to be a fan edit with actual voice-actors and all while retaining the elements and style of the original Shogun Assassin which feels like it came out in the 80s. My final impressions is that...I want Shogun Assasin 3 NOW! Thank you Scott Sandrock.

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