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(Updated: September 15, 2013)
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my first reaction to devil rejects was a little mixed when i first saw it, i liked a house of a 1000 corpses and i guess the tonal shift in the devil rejects through me off a little. subsequent viewings however have made me see that it's more of a spin off rather than a traditional sequel. the characters from the first film feel like their in a different genre this time. the last i saw the film i felt it would benefit from having footage cut, modern grindhouse films can be a little over-long and can benefit from a shorter runtime more in line with the older grindhouse films.

i watched the B/W version as this the third time i've seen this movie and wanted to experience it in a new way. it's a great new way to see the film the B/W adds a new layer of grittiness, and i 'd highly recommend anyone to see this version. the editing and audio is seamless throughout and the accompanying commentary tracks kept me entertained throughout.

now my view on the ending is this, the firefly characters i felt in the original film had an epic death an almost "hero" death if you will. throughout this film and the previous film i wanted to see them die in the same way they would inflict on their victims. the original film didn't accomplish this for me the lynyrd skynyrd song and the shoot out as i mentioned was too epic and it wasn't the ending i wanted to see.

tranzor with the footage available has managed to give a new ending that i feel fits much better with what we see throughout the film. the removal of tiny is nicely done as i always felt his character felt a little out of place in this movie when compared to 1000 corpses

many fanedits i view as alternatives to the original this however i would see as my go to version when it comes to re-viewing the devils reject.

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