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Before I proceed with my review, I want to say that I really loved this movie, even the ACT 3 that many people disliked a lot. It's not perfect by any means, but its flaws are bearable. My problems with this movie were actually, more or less, what the editor tried to fix. Silly humor, the super annoying Katy character and generally the unnecessary focus to secondary comic relief characters. When it comes to the issues that the movie had with its villain, I didn't mind that much. I mean, fine I'll accept that for some reason the big blade guy says to Shang that "you and your sister will pay", but there is absolutely no explanation about it afterwards, I'll accept the out of the blue cage fight between the two siblings or that Trevor for some mind blowing reason knows the language of the creature etc.

From what I saw from other reviews about this edit, I almost completely agree, so I won't repeat what the others already said. I'll just say that it was an almost excellent editing work and it truly achieved its purpose to a great extent. Besides the pacing at the end, as others mentioned, I actually also found the first time we see Shang and Katy part, pretty rushed. I mean, it didn't convince me at all that these two had such a bond that Katy would follow him to China. I'm guessing there are not any good scenes to add to that part and I certainly prefer it without them, but I just wanted to mention that.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this edit, it is definitely recommended and I believe that it will be my go-to version of the film, although I want to check one more time the theatrical in order to decide, because I have only seen it once.

Thanks to anyone who read my review and thank you Tremault for your work!

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