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As someone who grew listening to the radio shows on the KNX Drama Hour, an L.A. news radio station that played old time radio at night, I was super excited about this! I only watched a few of the TV episodes, but certainly watched the 94 film and liked it very much. Though I liked it, it always felt it was missing some of the grit of the old radio/tv versions. As well as a lil too much fluff and not enough left to the imagination.

This fanedit did the trick and is highly recommended for any Shadow fan!

Technically speaking it is very well done and nothing stood out that took me out of the watching experience (which is always my benchmark for me from the technical side). I will say and I get it, it's done 4:3 for the old timey feel, but I would have loved it 16:9. With our monster TVs these days, it's just more enveloping and (IMO) makes a better viewing experience.

Thanks for your hard work and sharing this Lapis!

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Owner's reply February 20, 2022

You grew up with the old radio shows? That is awesome! Thanks for the positive review.
I need to correct one detail: the aspect ratio is 16:9 (a.k.a. 1.78:1) not 4:3.
The Shout Factory blu-ray opens-up the matte from the theatrical release of 1.85:1, so we get a little more information at the top and bottom. See a comparison of blu-ray releases at and

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