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I watched this with my family on Christmas Day. It's been a couple years since I've seen the film, and much longer since I've read the book. Because of that I'm a little fuzzy on the original and what was cut, but suffice it to say there were no jarring cuts that brought attention to changes.

Picture quality is what you'd expect from a 1951 film that hasn't been remastered. The transfer itself is fine for a standard release from this period.

I did notice one video glitch where a black frame was missed between two cuts. Not major but it was there. I'm torn about some of the imperfect transitions and/or cuts that could have easily been corrected with today's software, but I assume Dwight Fry wanted to leave the film as much intact so I'm not marking off points for this as the imperfections weren't his doing but the original source. If I had been editing I probably would have corrected those jump frames at transitions. Again, personal choice.

Audio editing was fine. Nothing noticeable.

Overall enjoyment was 10. The edit moves along at a nice pace and nothing that was cut is missed. Nicely done!

AMENDMENT: Dwight has confirmed the black frame mentioned above is actually in the source material and not due to something he cut.

I also forgot to mention that I was a bit surprised to see both the black and white version as well as the colorized version is used. I see what Dwight was trying to do, but I'm generally against colorization. That said I think he pulled it off although it take a bit for me to warm to it. (Other than me, no one in my family seemed to notice or care.)

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