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Honestly, I downloaded this way back when it was originally released and although I thought the concept was cool I couldn't really get into it, and I didn't want to be a dick and give it 3/10 or something like that so I obviously wasn't meant for me...

Anyway I rewatched this a couple of nights ago and I haven't seen Scream in a while and...I don't know, I just felt like I could accept a fanedit of Scream more than before (IMO scream1&2 are perfect movies) I like to echo another reviewer by saying that the faneditor should have cut more of the meta stuff, just to get rid of the satire and make it more giallo. It would have helped me separate this from Scream more and thereby enjoying it more. Also I thought that the music from the point Billy got “stabbed” became distracting. It’s hard to explain, it was like; here is the movie and here is the added music, and it didn’t match, that what I felt. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to how the original cut sounds like. That’s my two complains, the rest is awesome, especially the credits at the beginning (actually if I hadn’t seen the source before I would have probably crapped myself at that point. With it being vhs and all it just made it so spooky)

Such a simple idea yet so groundbreaking! More VHS fanedits that’s what we need!

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