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FanMix September 09, 2012 7152
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This is a novel way to re-do the movie, and I recommend it just for being different and unusual.

It uses a VHS quality (with the screen crawl at the bottom of the frame), so the video is intentionally dull - it even begins with a VHS introduction ad, like videotapes used to have. And that's cool. What I didn't understand or appreciate is the insertion of some 1970s European softcore erotica, at two different points; it didn't seem coherent, like it wasn't intended to be adding to the "Scream" story, but it also didn't come in like it was part of the videotape being recorded over, so I just didn't know what purpose it served or what value it added. (I think it takes away from the overall goodness of the edit.)

Aside from the video aspect, the audio is very cool: it fits the theme, adds a creepy ambience and tension, and I appreciated that whole change to Diallo theme music being the crux of this movie, which I have no reason to see otherwise. The enjoyment is minimal having seen the film a few times already, but the change to the Diallo music and the VHS effects are cool.

I do recommend this for anyone who hasn't seen the movie, or who loves the normal version of the movie.

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