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I really enjoyed this edit. The original movie fell down in many ways as it tried to cram as much of the six books into a feature-length film. That One Guy manages to do something different here, using footage from the video game to make an edit of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, the narrative is of the fights and manages to do this pretty well.

The video game opening manages to avoid a lot of the early story and brings us up to speed wth the story at the start of the first battle. It does this comfortably and I really didn't feel like anything was missing.

There were a couple of moments where I wondered if there'd been a hard-edit or if it was like this originally. If I hadn't been watching in knowledge this was a fanedit, I certainly wouldn't have noticed. The audio editing was also subtle so even if there might have been issues, they were soft and mostly unnoticable.

The pacing of the edit was excellent, there was enough of the peripheral story to give it a real plot and I also enjoyed all of the bonuses included, including the alternate endings.

A thoroughly enjoyable edit.

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