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Pure and simple, if this edit doesn't become at least a strong contender for the next FEOTY contest, I'll eat my Sideshow Dr. Zaius 12 inch figure. It's just that amazing.

Volume 1 is about perfection. Apes I and III complement each other so much that it's almost too easy to mix them. Volume 2 was trickier, Apes II and IV being so different to each other, but the results are impressive. Bob found a lot of parallels between them. A scene from Beneath about leaving things just the way they are is combined with the apes revolt starting in Conquest. Taylor and Brent fight in the dungeon, while we see apes riots in 1991. Brent and Caesar are tortured simultaneously. Brilliant. And the multiple screen style fits these movies like a glove. They could have played in theaters like this back in the 70s, as did films like The Boston Strangler and Wicked, Wicked.

Video and audio quality is very good. If anything, the interlacing is apparent in some of the reduced screens (never when the shots fill the whole screen, though), and in a couple of moments the added music eats up the dialog a bit. Very minor things, though. The two deleted scenes provided were fun to watch, but Bob did the right thing not including them.

Thanks, Bob, for yet another wonderful edit, your best so far. Two paws way up!
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