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As with any boxset there's always the film that no one really wants, and as with the Star Wars prequels Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Scull really doesn't get a lot of love. for me it's not a terrible film but the series was probably better left alone.

TMBTM take on the film is interesting, the opening 10mins with footage from The Fountain is nicely done and feels more like a Indiana Jones film than parts that made the final cut. thankfully such scenes like the cgi goffers and the infamous nuked fridge have been removed from this edit. not having Mutt as Indy's son is done well but after seeing this film about 4 to 5 times i don't think this is the worst part of the film.

the problem i have with the edit is the short run time, at just over 80mins and with additional footage added big chunks of the film have been cut and you can feel it. if you had seen this edit at the cinema you'd walk away thinking that there was a lot of additional footage cut that would have improved the film. it's not that the editing is unprofessional this is a TMBTM edit so the usual high standard is there to be seen. for me i was to often reminded what was cut and there are some great scenes omitted that i rather enjoyed from the original (the cafe fight been one)

As with some of the Star Wars prequels by removing everything you don't like sometimes doesn't improve the film. so overall i'd say this fanedit is on par with the original version in terms of enjoyment but is definitely worth checking out.

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