Revolution: A Quest For Family

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The series is set in a post-apocalyptic 2027, fifteen years after a worldwide blackout that caused all electricity ranging from computers and electronics to car and jet engines, to be permanently disabled. In the years after the blackout, people adapted to this new world without electricity as government and public order collapsed as several areas are now ruled by militias and their generals.
I will be taking the first 10 episodes and the second 10 episodes which run for just over 7 hours each and making them into 2 seperate movies of around 3 hours that will deal with the seperate season's storylines in a much more compact way as well as removing any unnecessary scenes to improve the pace and the overall viewing experience. To get each movie to have a run time of around 3 hours I will have to cut around 55% of the season but also keep enough for someone that hasn't seen the show to understand the story, cutting this much will cost some character development but I feel like the story will make up for that. I also find the idea of turning this into a movie interesting and this will be my biggest edit so far as this is my first tv to movie edit.
Other Sources:
Revolution - Enemies of the State
Daughter Of The Flame
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
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Editing Details:
Main Changes:
Removed intros and credits to all 10 episodes
No more actors names appear on screen
Danny now has minimal screen time until he gets to Noblesville
Danny no longer escapes the militia and doesn't meet Grace
Removed all flashbacks from all the episodes
Cut a few Monroe & Rachel talking scenes
Nora doesn't get stabbed
No Drexel as Nora doesn't need help
Nora doesn't put a bomb on the train
Jason doesn't get beat up
Cuts and Additions:
Cut List:
Added fanedit netflix & faneditor intro
Cut Ben & Aaron talking when Ben leaves his house
Cut Charlie & Danny finding the van
Cut Ben & Charlie arguing about Danny's asthma attack
Trimmed time it takes for Ben to get shot
Cut Charlie, Maggie & Aaron walking
Cut Charlie, Maggie & Aaron finding the plane
Rescored Miles fighting the militia
Added in Monroe flashback of him telling Neville to find Ben Matheson
Cut Aaron & Maggie talking when Aaron is looking at the computer
Trimmed Miles talking to Charlie when she finds out who he is
Cut Aaron & Maggie talking before the pendant turns on
Cut Aaron & Maggie talking in Lowell before the group arrives
Cut Neville fighting Danny in Noblesville
Cut the group after they buried Maggie
Trimmed the group at the kids hideout
Trimmed Nora & Mia talking
Cut Rachel killing Jaffey
Trimmed the group walking in the tunnels
Cut the group having hallucinations
Cut Charlie having a dream after hitting her head
Added custom credits
Many other small cuts & trims

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I approached this edit with only a vague memory of the series (I only watched it twice before). What I remembered most was the many sideplots they used to stretch the story and the room the characters got in the series.

And here comes youngy94´s edit: It builds a strong narrative I thought wasn´t possible. Especially the first half of the edit was outstanding.

From the technical side the edit was flawless.

This is one of the few TV-to-Movie edits I prefer watching over the original.

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