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Just to be clear I'm not a fan of '2001'. It's the only Kubrick film I don't love. I've probably only watched it once and have tried to watch it many more times, but the skull-crushing-tedium of the movie usually has me swicthing it off within the first hour. The good thing about this edit is that it drastically trims the slow opening, which allowed me to sit through '2001' for a second time...

Audio/Video Quality: 8

For the small size of the file, and the compression for streaming, the encode is pretty great looking.

Visual Editing: 9

Okay like I've said, I'm not massively familiar with the source but for me the editing was invisible. Most of the soul destroyingly boring parts of the first act are gone (The discussion on the red chairs / a stewardess walking very, very, VERY slowly etc) but a few bits of pointless time wasting are still included like a talk about sandwiches. I'm sure in a pre-moon-landing 1968 all of the "life-in-space" stuff must have been mind-blowing but it's now post 1977, so get on with the bloomin' plot already! Thankfully this edit is much more plot focused. I've got to knock a point off, as I found the constant cutting back to HAL's eye began to grate after a while IMO.

Audio Editing: 9

Almost all seemless but there is a wierd little bit in the middle where all of HAL's lines have a massive echo on them. I'm not sure if this was the source, a creative choice, or an error but whatever the cause, my ears did not enjoy it.

Narrative: 8

The narrative is so much stronger in this edit. All the plot elements, as well as the philosophical stuff is kept intact and even strengthened by the surrounding clutter being trimmed back. Sadly the middle act is still patience testingly slow and the new economy of the first act only shows this up more.

Enjoyment: 7

A '7' is big improvement for me on this movie. I might even watch it again and makes me think more even harsher edits of '2001' would be possible and welcome. I reccomend this for fans and non-fans alike as the creative edits in the first part are impressive regardless of wether you think they are warranted.

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