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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
Review by DwightFry78 — December 12, 2010 @ 7:05 am

What a greatly improved version of ROTJ! While still not at ANH/ESB level, this version is a lot less embarrassing and is actually quite enjoyable. Technically the cuts were admirably done, and artistically I agree with everything that was removed… but my criticisms come from what was kept. For my tastes, some further silliness should have been excised (C3PO’s storytelling, or as much of it as possible), as well as some obviousness (“R2, look! Captain Solo! And he’s still frozen in carbonite!” No s–t, Sherlock), some problematic lines (“It is too late for me, son” is a dead giveaway of Vader turning good in the end, and the Emperor’s shooting of his own foot by constantly reminding Luke that his behavioral suggestions are intended to turn him to the Dark Side, no matter he doesn’t! Would you trust me if I told you “Show me your wallet *so I can steal your money*”?), and some ill-fitting character behavior (I think only Jedi knights should use the “May the force be with you/us/whoever” line, and last time I checked Admiral Ackbar wasn’t one) . Still, this cut totally pwns either official one.

And speaking of either official version, here’s my other criticism: this edit is sadly based on the SE rather than the original. I do know that the 2004 SE DVD has better video quality than the GOUT, but I think at least the fugly CGI should have been replaced by the original FX, particularly those cheesy Nintendo desert graphics at the beginning of the Sarlaac sequence. They’re way more dated now that any physical FX in the whole saga. And I still can not believe you left in the PT celebra-toon landscapes in the end! Why oh WHY??? I’d forgive anything else you left in but that! Speaking of the end, the new music kind of works, but you should have removed all shots showing people dancing, incluiding the last one, and end the movie with the shot of the force ghosts. That music just doesn’t invite one to dance.

Overall, despite the flaws, so far this would be my to-go version of ROTJ. Any chance of a DVD release? 8/10.
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