Reservoir Dogs: Redux

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Brief Synopsis:
This edit gives Reservoir Dogs a little TLC, without altering the structure or the chronology of the original film. Taking inspiration from Tarantino films that were released after Reservoir Dogs, I have introduced some subtle editing techniques relating to pans, zoom and cuts. Colour correction has helped reduced the magenta over saturation in the original and exposure has been bumped up very slightly. Perhaps the biggest change compared to the original film, is Mr Blonde’s cop torture scene. For this scene I have switched some aspects of this scene to monochrome, as a nod to Kill Bill Vol 1. Where new music has been introduced or changed, it is period correct, i.e. 1970’s. A couple of continuity errors have also been corrected
This TLC edit was originally a personal project, for my own private collection but I decided to release this as a fanedit once the work was completed.
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead for the cover artwork
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Editing Details:
My approach to a fanedit starts with the initial seed of an idea and visualising what the edit might look like. This is almost entirely in my mind’s eye, by watching the source material over and over to understand if the seed of the idea has merit. Once I feel the edit is viable, I start to document the original story, isolating key plot points, setup’s and dialogue that are potential issues for the edit. Next there’s a more detailed analysis of the film using Premiere Pro to assist me with rapid prototyping of the edit and the ability to isolate audio and scrub quickly through the film to produce a rough draft. If the rough draft has merit, finally I commit to producing the edit, focusing in on graphical changes, audio work, masking, tightening up the cuts and the fine detail that goes into producing a finished edit.
Cuts and Additions:
1. Reduced magenta tint and slightly increased exposure level throughout.
2. Audio gain increased throughout; some peaks reduced.
3. Added new music track (Powerboat) to Mr Pink’s chase scene.
4. Removed continuity error where cop is shot twice, during Mr Pink’s chase scene.
5. Mr Blonde’s torture scene, changed to monochrome.
6. Small clip of Blonde “Heart of Glass” plays whilst Mr Blonde tunes the radio.
7. Added axial cuts to external shot of Mr Orange café scene with Holdaway.
8. Added horizontal pan to scene where Mr Orange and Mr White are facing the jewellery store.
9. Removed continuity error where Nice Guy Eddie drops the bag of diamonds twice, when Eddie discovers Mr Blonde is dead.
10. Add slow zoom into Nice Guy Eddie’s face during the standoff.
11. Added new music (Rituals) track to end credits.

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