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Review by Rogue-theX — September 17, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

This review is based on my opinions and my viewing experience. Nothing is meant as an attack. Spoiler warning.

AUDIO: Sounded great on my system, absolutely nothing to complain about.
10 out of 10

VIDEO: Image quality was superb, even after being rebuilt for a single layer. love the new color treatment, tho some of it could have been even closer to the original films.
9 out of 10

EDITING: Perfection. loved it, nothing to complain about…well almost nothing. to be continued.
8 out of 10

ENTERTAINMENT: THE ENDING KILLED IT!!! Sorry but I had to be blunt JORGE, the entire experience was an awesome ride up until that point. Love the opening action scene, slam, bam and get on with it, HELL YEAH!!! just like old times. Basically same story for rest of the edit up until the ending, that really drove a stake into the viewing experience for me, I wasn’t expecting an alternate ending at all and then that happened. Menu’s kick a$$. Seriously. KICK A$$!!!
7 out of 10

8 out of 10 overall

SIDE NOTES: Maybe if I pretend that ending never happened it will go away. Please don’t take offense JORGE, because I absolutely LOVED everything else you did with this edit.

Sincerely. Rogue.
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