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DISCLAIMER: This review is not meant as a personal attack on the editor. It is simply my opinions on the edit.


Well I should start off by saying a read the novel of No Country for Old Men about a year before they made a movie of it. I enjoyed the book and I enjoyed the movie. I know the ending was something that some people really liked and some people really hated (i.e. “wtf? the ending is Tommy Lee Jones talking about his dream?!”). I guess I am kind of indifferent to the ending. I don’t love the ending but I don’t hate it either.

On to the review: per my usual fanedit viewing policy, i avoided looking at the detailed cutlist (all I knew before watching is that the sheriff was getting scaled back), ive avoided reading any other reviews of the edit too (and as I type this, I still haven’t looked). I rewatched No Country for Old Men last night and just finished watching Prophet of Destruction about 5 minutes ago.

I liked the opening, I liked the music that was used here which if I remember correctly was a music cue that was used in the theatrical trailer for No Country. I liked the custom opening credits and title credits they looked very good.

Chigurh’s new introduction into the movie was good. I was a bit torn about this as I watched it. Part of me says it is less suspenseful and less scary to have Chigurh and the gas station owner interaction presented to us without the previous scenes of Chigurh killing the cop and shooting the cattle air gun at the man on the side of the road. Having this knowledge, of the brutality that Chigurh is capable of (and the pleasure he takes in it), ahead of time gives you context to the gas station scene. Right away you know that Chigurh is an evil man and you can infer the implications of the coin toss. The way LS has introduced Chigurh in this edit, I will say in my opinion it adds to the mystery and makes it suspenseful in a different way than the original movie. The viewer does not yet know who Chigurh is, if he’s good or bad etc. And you don’t know what he’s gonna do to this gas station owner whereas in the original you’ve already seen Chigurh commit murder two times. Anyway, im probably over analyzing.

On to the ending. I was really not sure what to expect. After I heard the rescoring as Chigurh leaves Carla Jean’s mother’s house and saw Tommy Lee Jones truck driving through the desert it left me curious. I really wasn’t sure where LastSurvivor was taking it. But after Tommy Lee Jones conversation is over and seeing the last scenes I really liked it. As LastSurvivor says himself in his “About this Edit” section of the DVD, Chigurh is an unstoppable force. So the way the last scene plays out: you think Chigurh has been caught and stopped…but nope. Nothing is going to stop this guy, he will keep killing. Initially I was a bit undecied about the inclusion of the Tommy Lee Jones scene where he is saying he’s quitting. Part of me thought, “that could have been cut out”. But in retrospect I think it is an important scene for two reasons: 1) I’m not sure there would be a good way to transition between Chigurh leaving Carla Jean’s house and him being arrested on the side of the road. So if nothing else the scene with the sheriff serves as a good transition 2) The last thing the man says to the sheriff is important “you can’t stop what’s coming” So after mulling it over I actually like the inclusion of that scene. And I definitely like the ending.

I liked the custom end credits (very professional looking IMO)

As always Last Survivor’s DVD Menus are great. Simple yet professional looking. I need to get my menus looking like those!

VIDEO EDITING: Looked great. No harsh cuts. I was watching on a huge HD tv and it looked quite good.

AUDIO EDITING: Again, nothing jarring, sounded good. The rescoring was nice. Although in my personal opinion there were one or two spots where it didnt seem necessary but it didnt detract from the edit in anyway and this is just a matter of personal preference.

ENTERTAINMENT: This was enjoyable to watch. I can’t say this is better than No Country for Old Men and I’d put this edit even with the original. Both are enjoyable movies.

Great work LastSurvivor, looking forward to your next project!
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