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(Updated: December 21, 2013)
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Hello there!

I watched this edit with enthusiasm. The faneditor took a hard work to improve the movie, and especially remove the silly moments in it.

The main problem is... this movie is a mess.

The faneditor did a great work, don't get me wrong. It is a wise choice to begin with the TED Talk. I especially loved the way Beezo handled this, the moment we jump from the TED talk to the scenes of the creation of the universe is simply genious.

Also, the silliest scenes are fixed: the alien encounter is much better handled, even if it happens so fast. That is good work.

Also, the ship falling on Meredith is handled very well.

But still... the characters in this movie feel out of place. They don't relate or even talk to each other... some of them appear in some scenes, then go missing. Some of them even suicide for human kind... but we don't feel anything about that. Not much at least.

I don't understand also the agility and jumping skills of Shaw after the operation, sometimes she jumps amazingly, sometimes she hurts while she walks. Doesn't make sense.

The captain that does not worry for the 2 people stranded at night in the cave, even if there is a "glitch" on the life sensors of the ship...

The movie was so bad, so imperfect that all this is difficult to fix.

A great work though, can be found in this edit. So far it is the edit of Prometheus I like the most.

Can the movie be saved? I don't know.

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Owner's reply December 23, 2013

Thank you for taking the time to watch and review my edit!

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