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November 1, 2009 @ 9:30 pm

Now that I have some experience under my belt editing a couple different TV series, I am even more impressed with your work here.

Especially for having such a good idea in the first place. Removing the entire conspiracy half of the plot is a powerful idea, and obviously one that works very well. I can’t speak for others, but I for one found it an improvement that the trilogy is “it” and you can’t continue with the show after. I don’t know what they were thinking expanding to additional seasons, but I certainly had no interest. I tried to watch all the way through the first season a few times, but never got past episode 17 or so. Just dragged on way too much for me, way too little was getting done, and it was far too repetitive. Especially irksome from the originals was Scofield constantly talking about how some huge new problem needed to be solved, and how it would take way too long, and they are way behind… and there is no margin for error or delay in his plans!!! Well… it just rings really false to the audience doesn’t it? Because we can be pretty sure that they will eventually escape. I loved that in your movies there are plenty of setbacks and problems, but it seems far more reasonable, and the deadlines are never so unrealistic.
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