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FanFix July 04, 2012 2631
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April 21, 2011 @ 11:56 pm

Video 10/10. Audio 10/10. Editing 10/10.

I love the theatrical release and I was really looking forward to seeing this fanedited version. Overall, I was not disappointed with it and in future, would probably watch the fanedit before I watched the theatrical. That said, the opening sequence, while expertly conceived and edited, did instantly make me feel like I was watching a fanedit. However, as soon as this is out of the way, the story sucked me back in and it plays out brilliantly and if I had never seen the theatrical, I would never have believed that everything after the intro was a fanedit. It’s superbly done! Also, I much, much, prefer the new ending and that’s probably the main reason I would watch this instead of the theatrical.

I watched this on my computers 19″ LCD monitor, with the audio coming through some cheap PC speakers. I had the sound turned way up and noticed no glitches in either video or audio. I have to give this a high score because I enjoyed it so much. Great edit!

The Postman: Expedited Edition = 9/10.
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