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FanMix June 20, 2012 2733
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Cracking good edit, turning Payback into gritty Noir from the 40s.
Audio work, great. Nothing sounded out of place or jumps around with gain issues.
Video work, also solid. Lot of transitions to Black n White end up losing sharpness, or the blacks pixilate. Not here. Black n White is a pain in the ass to replicate, but Neglify scores big here.

This edit utilizes material from the original Payback, as well as the Straight Up cut.
The ending hews toward Straight Up - which I really do not like.
Writer / director Helgeland seems to have his own conception of Parker, excuse me, Porter, and he knows jackshit about Don Westlake's actual creation.
Anyway, the ending pissed me off, mostly at Helgeland.

As an overall work, though, this edit was terrific and warmly applauded.

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Owner's reply November 10, 2013

Awesome, thanks for the review! Glad you liked the B&W treatment.

The ending was the hardest issue to overcome and overall I settled with the one I liked best. I think if I ever do an HD version I'll make 2 cuts, use theatrical ending and cut down a bit.

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