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Wow! I was really looking forward to a character-driven mashup focusing on the malevolence of David and the Creator/Creation theme. The editor has executed this thesis perfectly. Both original films were very unsatisfying to me, given the Hollywood box-office-appeal choices that were made. This edit strips away much of that artifice. The editor made lots of great decisions, cutting back the TED prelude to its essential message and presenting in B&W; a classic tool to set up a past significant event.

The interweaving of the content from the two originals was to my eyes done seamlessly and purposely to navigate the scenes in the new direction chosen by the editor. Visually, the film looks gorgeous when viewed in full 1080p resolution on my tried and true plasma display. [A quick note that has nothing to do with edits. Many thanks to the editor for making this available directly from Google Drive. I don't burn physical copies, so a direct mp4 upload saves soooo much hassle as a Mac/ATV4 user.]

I like the use of the Beatles in the soundtrack. I'm not sure why this is such a sticking point with folks. If the finale had been set off by "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" I could relate, but I thought the tunes were tastefully chosen. I particularly liked the use of the minor key driven "I Want You (She's so Heavy)".

The overall effect is to set up these films and the next upcoming release as a "David Trilogy". I find this way more satisfying than the emphasis on the Engineers or the Creature. I'm putting this film into heavy rotation both at home on when traveling. Fantastic work!

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