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FanMix September 13, 2017 16471
(Updated: January 21, 2020)
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I usually don't like this sort of merging of two separate stories into one feature. However, using David as the beacon and ignoring a lot of the unneeded material from both sources has surprisingly created an exciting story with a complex narrative that is still not too hard to follow and make sense out of it.
I really like the visual editing in this one. It keeps the pacing consistent enough and is done very creatively. And though the extensive cutting, there was still some development of characters present within the final product. David obviously is the focus. The short clips that preceded to the release of Alien: Covenant also helped and were wisely placed within the story.

The quality is top notch and the visual and audio editing is seamless.

The infection sequence inter-cutting between the two films is well done but not easy to follow.
Keeping track of two different crews, each with its own members, relations and journey can be quite exhausting.

The fanedit is great and the best edit of the month reward is well deserved. Good job Job!!

EDIT: watched it again and loved it even more. My enjoyment score is up to the 10
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