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Oppenheimer: American Prometheus
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I really liked KmartKid’s Oppenheimer edit.
I actually though many of the same things the editor did, after watching the original. And all of these have been fixed here.

The new score is great. Audio mixing sounds expertly done. Video cuts are very well executed as well.

Great prologue, much more concise but still tells the audience all the required information.
The flash cuts are gone, they weren’t needed at all.

I actually somewhat enjoyed the original cross cuts, but KmartKid did a great job and achieved the stated objective of removing such cuts from the film.

The removal of the extra time periods doesn’t reduce the quality at all, and makes the story much more streamlined. Also, because the narration doesn’t have a “moral lesson” but is presented with a lot of shades of gray, trimming the extra time periods helps, as all of these subplots had different themes and arcs completely detached from the main story.
So, good riddance to the talk with Strauss and especially (thank you, KmartKid) the security clearance hearings and Strauss’ Senate hearing. These last two, at least to me, amounted to the same goofiness and redundancy as the Galactic Senate scenes in Revenge of the Sith.

The Trinity test is now the climax of the story, as it should be.
And nice removal of the cringe-inducing “And now I am become Death… the destroyer of worlds.” Great quote, terrible timing.

A great ending, exactly at the place the original film should have ended.

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