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I have not seen the original version of this film. Since I had little interest in seeing the movie in cinemas, I thought it would be interesting to see Oblivion as a fanedit before seeing the theatrical cut. The AV quality seems flawless, and only one or two cuts are noticeable (placement of characters from shot to shot in one or two scenes). The narrative was mostly easy to follow, I found the first half of the film to be intriguing, exciting, and enjoyable. After a certain point, the film seems to draw inspiration from (or flat out copy) other sci-fi concepts from previous films (i.e. 2001, Moon, Independence Day).

That being said, those issues are with the film itself, and not the edit. I enjoyed the ambiguity of some scenes (and the overall tone of the film), and I really appreciated the lack of any sort of 'beat-you-over-the-head" VO that explains everything flat to the audience (apparently there was one in the original, based on the reviews here). A bit too much may have been cut concerning some dialogue: I did find myself having to skip back a few times to catch an important line that I missed.

The pacing of the film was great, the run time was a bit too long, and each scene flowed together really well. I think if I watch the edit again, I'll get more out of it, so I'll keep it for future use. Nice work!

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