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In my review of The Fall of Sherlock, I said that TV to movie Fanedit should just pick an arc of the story and focus on it.
that is exactly what happens here, The mystery of who killed Laura Plamer is presented here in its full glory for 5 hours.
You might be able to make a 3-hour film from the question but a duology is the smarter move, it gives the movie some time to breathe, the pacing is just perfect and every detail we learn about the murder is delivered at a perfect time, plus the side stories still exist and they are given a respectful amount of time, I felt that everything we need to know about the characters is there but in the same style blue velvet (Another David Lynch film) thought as about its characters.

After this fan, edit go watch the movie Twin Peaks Fire Walk with me (The original, not the fan edits with the missing pieces you will get lost) that would close almost all of the unanswered questions, If I didn't know I would think Twin Peaks is a film trilogy and a pretty good one.

This is perfect for rewatching the series, those who prefer Movies over TV shows or are just not happy with the direction taken after Episode 14, But not for those who want to know every little detail about Twin Peaks, or if you find yourself heavily thinking about one of the side stories, personally Twin peaks was always about mystery and supernatural so leaving details out and leaving them to the imagination can be sometimes an improvement,

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