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when i first watched the original freddy vs jason i was dissapointed to say the least.the characters came across as whinny,self absorbed horror had the jock,the virgin,the bitch,the loser.

Thankfully Uncanny Antman strips away almost all cheesy and cringeworthy lines from the movie as well as the forced jokes and freddy quotes and one-liners. The main character doesnt come across as whiny anymore which actually makes you start to feel sorry for her.most of the john woo samurai style blood spray has been toned down which makes the movie experience more like a freddy movie and not shogun assassin movie. there was only a couple of problems i personally had
1. i would have cut the pig to fuck line in the cornfield(i would have jason just snap his neck round as soon as they turned round)
2. i would have trimmed the pinball scene(would have slammed jason against walls few times,no hip thrust,then show jason hitting floor & freddy jestering for tank to fall on him).

overall this edit makes a mediocre movie into a enjoyable viewing experience which would look great in an freddy fans collection.

also the ending to this edit was suberb with the clips and fantastic music choice.

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