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June 12, 2010 @ 8:57 pm

On of the first fanedits I was really happy with. Now, I really like the original Freddy vs. Jason; It’s fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is just generally great fanservice. However, it is in a way a guilty pleasure because there is a lot to dislike about the film, i.e. terrible dialogue, the worst human cast of both franchises, etc. This fanedit actually fixes a lot of the faults of the original, so that it’s no longer a guilty pleasure and I can legitimately like the movie. I liked the addition of the dream quote and new credits. The only way it would have been better is if they were done better in terms of quality. They’re done pretty simply, so if there was a person with experience with After Effects or something and made cooler intro credits and end credits that would have been more awesome. Oh, and the Dream Master logo could have used a better design too, but I’m assuming that could have been done had Uncanny Antman asked someone with photoshop talent to do it or something instead of tackling the project himself.

I really liked a lot of the editing choices.
– The new intro is awesome, but I having Blake show up at Lori’s house later is a little strange because that’s the last we see of him. It’s a loose end since his death is cut from the film.
– A lot of the terrible line deliveries are gone, Kia and Lori are less annoying, Kia’s use of the word “faggot” is thankfully gone.
– A lot of dumb exposition is gone. The film doesn’t treat the audience like they’re stupid.
– I thought Gibb’s nightmare was a little too washed out and altered. A little red would have been fine, and in fact I think it would have been a little scarier. The boiler room in the original Nightmare wasn’t red, but subsequent films did so and if this edit was trying to make this film feel more in line with the sequels keeping the boiler room red JUST A LITTLE would have been cool.
– Glad Lori doesn’t yell “Welcome to my world!” anymore, that was laughable. And it makes the decapitation much more impressive and surprising, just like it is to Freddy.
– Jason’s lame fear of water is gone
– I do have to say that I disliked replacing the original ending with the deleted scene ending, the one with Lori and Will. Like I said earlier, Freddy vs. Jason has the worst human cast of both franchises, so ending with those characters is kinda, “…ehhh” BUT, since this edit is trying to be a purely Nightmare on Elm Street movie it’s acceptable.

I could go on and on about how great the cut is. I can’t say I have much reason to ever go back and watch the original. This cut is great.
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