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Of the 3 Walking Dead edits currently available, this one is my favourite, although it is not without issues. The editor takes us on a wild ride through the first two seasons. The edit moves at breakneck speed and is a lot of fun. Just don't ask any questions about why certain characters said what they said or did what they did.

The title is a little strange. I get the reference to the classic movie, but this edit takes place over several weeks and doesn't really make sense. There are tons of little narrative issues throughout, an unfortunate effect of keeping the pace quick and chopping so much character development. That's another downfall - by keeping just the action and necessary plot points and chopping the character development, the audience ends up not getting invested in the fates of any of the characters. By the end of it, I didn't care whether anyone lived or died - everyone, even Rick, was expendable at that point. The ending isn't really an ending. We've survived the swarm at the farm and there's a far-away shot of.... some big institutional-type building. Having watched the show, we all know that this is the prison, but in the context of a stand-alone movie, it means nothing.

Having said all of that, this is certainly a fun ride and recommended for fans of the show. Just don't think about it too much.

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