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The first season of Walking Dead was absolutely great but the second season suffered from slow pacing and soap opera-ish like dialogue and situations. This edit attempts to fix those issues and condense everything down into a single three hour epic version.

Overall this edit was a success, the editing was very nicely handled, there were some issues though. Since there was a large amount of material cut, things that were missing were much more noticeable when compared to other fan edits. Characters would just randomly disappear with no explanation, like all the characters who died in the CDC.

In addition, some people's behavior and motivations felt lacking. Shane's transformation felt much more gradual in the show because they had more time to flesh out his character but in this it seems like he goes from being Rick's best friend to wanting to kill him very quickly. The Sophia tragedy also felt more impactful in the show, again because they had more time to develop the anticipation.

My biggest complaint is near the end of the edit, Shane hit's his head against a tree and says that someone took his gun, someone that the whole group was looking for. It has been a while since I have watched season 2 and I actually forgot what was going on. During that part of the edit I became confused and had to pause the video and google a synopsis to understand what was going on. Because of this I had to deduct several points from the narrative.

There were also a few other instances with people limping or having bruises randomly which felt a little jarring because obviously something was missing but I understand that in an edit like this there will be several continuity issues.

Having said all that, I still enjoyed this edit quite a bit. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen the show before but it works very well as a season recap. Something that one may watch during a season break to refresh the events before a new season starts instead of watching the entire season over again. I didn't like season 2 that much at all and I would much rather watch this edit than ever go back and watch each episode of season 2 over again.

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