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Shorts December 23, 2013 2652
(Updated: January 10, 2014)
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i found this edit rather amusing in that every time a funny line of dialogue or scene was about to happen we then have a rather sharp cut. i think it's impossible to make a serious version from the naked gun, even the best faneditors would struggle given the film knocks out a gag a minute. so for me by removing the gags it makes for another amusing police squad episode.

there are a lot of quick cuts throughout the edit and i did notice some half second clips in there that should have been removed. the black and white suits the film but i didn't feel as if i was watching an old 40's or 50's movie. the audio scratch effect i guess is needed to remove any humour i'm not sure what else could have been used in it's place.

overall as a fan of both naked gun and police squad i enjoyed this and say it's definitely worth 15mins of your time

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