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This is a bit difficult for me to rate this fanedit because the idea behind it is realy good but the execution fell short in a lot of places.

I liked the idea of removing the jokes from this movie but I think the edit should have been about 50% shorter. Either by keeping the moments when removing the jokes makes the edit serious looking (and so make it completly serious). Or by keeping only the moments when the edit is still funny because it's obvious that the jokes were removed! (I would have kept this solution because I think it is what this edit is about anyway, and when it works, it works good). But I understand it would have been difficult to tell the whole story in about 8 minutes (but not impossible IMO).
Also the ending felt too forced for me.

With those kind of grindhouse edits you are waiting for bad video/audio cuts and stuffs. The problem is that the audio is the side of it that you should not mess too much with, and this cost this edit some enjoyment points. I know the editor can handle good audio work (I did not fully watch his full lenght Matrix fanedit yet, but it is clear that he can do wonders from what I've seen).

This short edit looks like the workprint of something that have the potential to be better.
To see what Matrixgrindhouse is really capable of, please watch his edit: Robots VS Kung Fu: The Matrix Grindhouse Edition. (fanedit of the month october 2013)

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