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I'm a child of the 80's so I LOVE Miami Vice. And there is a part of me that considers the show sacrosanct. The show captivated me in my youth. So when ranger613 made a fanedit of the pilot episode and the two part "Return of Cauldron" episodes, I was more than a little curious.

I've always found the idea of turning tv episodes into movies kind of tricky. The tv episodes have a different dramatic structure generally speaking than a 3 act film.

But ranger613 paired down the episodes masterfully. Somethings he cut out surprised me initially, but upon reflection the overall narrative was tightened and streamlined. If I had seen this fanedit without having seen the original episodes, I wouldn't have noticed the cuts at all. The addition of new video montages with the era appropriate music is also a welcome addition. Ranger613 even fixed (finally) a continuity error in the original material that has always bothered me.
The image might seem sub par but I believe that is just a reflection of 30 year old source material that still hasn't gotten the Blu-Ray treatment yet. (Who knows why.)

Whether you're a Vice fan or not, Vendetta is definetly worth a look.

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