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FanMix June 28, 2012 2210
(Updated: September 11, 2012)
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Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
The edit:
The image quality is pretty good, no stuttering and no rough cuts, almost perfectly executed. In the finale, when the text shows up, there is a problem with the black bars, but it is minor. Also the text is a bit too small which makes it a bit hard too read.

the audio quality is great. Very well mixed, no flaws, good volume level.

editing: 4 of 5
image quality: 5 of 5
audio quality: 5 of 5

To me this is a great fanedit. It improves the original, which was to me dragging getting real close to boring, a lot. The movie is real short now, but not too short. It’s a movie about MAX, taxi driver, dreamer, loser, who meets the wrong guy on the wrong day and is forced to face his inner and outer demons. This was the main part of the original as well, but it is far better executed here. The movie has an altered focus, turning both Max and Vincent into much more plausible guys. It’s all about reality and control.
Still there are 2 scenes in this movie that I don’t like, most of all the scene, when Max talks to Vincent’s boss, pretending he is Vincent and suddenly makes that turn from shy guy to tough guy. I didn’t buy that in the original and I still don’t buy it in the fanedit. To me Max behaves untypical there, this does not fit his profile and should have been addressed in the fanedit. Next scene is the nightclub shootout. It is too much of everything, too over the top, like it was from a different movie. I think this should have been more edited.
The new ending is great. It is far far superior to the original ending. I wished the image would have been slowed down to stand still, instead of being gone so fast and I wished the ending text was bigger and there were end credits of any kind, so the movie could finish and the audience (me) would get time to think it all over. Maybe with a cool song.
Still, this one is GREAT and it easily replaces the original in the order of what I would rather watch. What was cut here, is not at all missed, especially not that ridiculous original ending.
This is still a kind of dragging movie for me, but much more enjoyable.
4 of 5

The extras are simply put: great. English subtitles!!! A cool menu with sound. Carefully chosen and named chapters, cover art, disc art and even a trailer and the original ending as deleted scenes. Wow!
5 of 5

resulting in
4 of 5 rating from me (very close to 5 of 5). This one still has potential to be some more improved, but it is already great.

synopsis: a great fanedit and your best work yet, IMO, messenjah. Thanks for entertaining me so well. You showed with this one what fanedits are about and what the possibilities are. Keep it just up.

Review by boon23 — August 13, 2007 @ 10:46 PM
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