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It has been over 5 years since I last watched a Matrix movie. I have seen the first one maybe 3 times and the sequels only once. So I was quite fresh when watching this edit.

I too was disappointed by the sequels, but liked the first one a lot, so the premise of this edit seemed very intriguing.

Audio and video editing and quality were overall very good. I knocked a point off from the editing as there were a few "too fast" scene changes - The most noticeable being the first cut to Zion command centre.

Story wise - I did like how NewSpock tried to fit the events that happened insinde the matrix in Matrix 1 to the events that happened outside it during the whole trilogy. Unfortunately it fell a little short. There was something missing... I felt that the added content was too limited, in most places creating more gaps then removing them. Some added things and scenes would have needed more explaining and screen time. Some of the scenes felt a little out of place too - you could notice it's added there. Also the ending did not fit with the added content. I would hope NewSpock will make an "extended" version of this with more content from the sequels and fleshing out more the attack to Zion and Neo's final victory and its effects.

Still, as this edit is mostly Matrix 1, it managed to deliver the same kind of enjoyment I remeber Matrix 1 did for me (and made me watch a fanedit of the sequels to completely see what happened).

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