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Leon: The Professional has been one of my absolute favorite movies since I was a young teen. My first real screen name was "the professional###" with my bday plugged in. So hopefully you will take my review for what it's worth when I say you have actually managed to improve one of my favorite movies!

99% of the time when someone changes the soundtrack I appreciate the effort that went in but I hate the changes because my brain can't wrap itself around how different the scene is. Here every single song was so perfect that I honestly couldn't even remember if it was in the original scene or not, except for Shape of my Heart at the end! Very impressive.

Excising as much of the creepy horny 12yo stuff was a great move, and knowing that Luc Besson wrote a sex scene where Leon simply can't resist her advances, and knowing that Besson dated his wife when she was 15 and knocked her up at 16 while he was 32 makes it even creepier. Thank you for fixing that stuff so I can enjoy the movie as guilt-free as possible.

Also I'm very impressed with the length of the movie given how much was removed. Excellent scene choices, and I really felt like this was Mathilde's movie in the end.

Hands down one of my favorite edits on this entire site.

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