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I must say the trailer/advertisement at the beginning caught me of guard mainly because it wasn't detailed in the cutlist unless of course I've been reading the cutlist wrong though either way said promotion of the upcoming fan creation definitely looks interesting and it gives the edit that proper cinema trailer experience that entices the viewers curiosity of said future fan product though as for the feature presentation.

I had never seen this movie during it's release but than again I wasn't old enough to have seen such a masterclass of cinema at the time though when I did eventually see the director's cut I certainly found it very entertaining minus the whole relationship angle which thankfully in this edit is significantly easier to stomach as Mathilda comes of as less lustful and reverse predatory towards Leon, instead her yearning for him comes of as more hero worship like how she may potentially view Optimus Prime as this all powerful being that takes out the bad guys and is thus viewing Leon through a similar lens and the reason I bring the Transformers cartoon up is because the film shows various scenes depicting it so perhaps there's some newfound or already established correlation there or I am looking to far into it.

Continuing more on the subject of Mathilda the text that bears said characters name during the films conception and conclusion not only matches perfectly with that of the official text but displays some good use of progressive key framing in both instances setting and maintaining the overall tone of the edit in the process, speaking of tone the use of added and overlaid music throughout really captures and enhances that nineties vibe. It truly feels like I've gone back in time to one of my favourite decades in human history and additionally resonates well with Mathilda's varying states of emotions whenever said music resonance surrounds her with two notable examples being the song that plays when she is first introduced and the song that plays after her and Leon have been kicked out of the hotel.

Speaking of Leon the decision to minimise his screentime for the first portion of Act One was a great way to add some intrigue and an aura of mystery and power to his character and the removal of the squicky moments between him and Mathilda helped to enhance his level of professionalism not just as a Hitman but as a human being in general, the dream sequences that surrounded him helped to exude not just his power but his damaged psyche much like how Gary Oldman's oozing charisma helped to portray an excellent antagonist that was fun to watch for both his display of villainy and comedy.

It's interesting seeing ArtisDead's name attached to an edit as I know he plays a massive role in the fanediting community as both a Cover Artist and Moderator who has mentored and aided and is continuing to mentor and aide many aspiring faneditors and I do wonder which parts of the edit he contributed to since it's a collab, I also wonder what other kinds of edits might he possibly do in the future whether it be collaborating with someone else or by himself though that of course I do not know but what I do know is that i certainly enjoyed this edit as it was a real treat to watch.

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Owner's reply May 20, 2023

Thank you for this. I'm sorry if the preview caught you off guard. It was meant to be a surprise. :)

I think Luc Besson's idea for The Transformers clips was merely to represent Mathilda's thoughts in that moment ("Now it's my turn!"), but I'm very pleased you've found an interpretation that's deeper and more meaningful. This helps me enjoy the story even more, and I'm happy it reinforces the idea that she looks up to Leon and sees him as the hero.

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