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I've always loved The Karate Kid Parts I and II, especially how the second film is so different from the first. While the first is an 80s 'you can do it!' rah rah kid against the bullies romp the second was more of a master and apprentice adventure to another culture, and exploring Mr. Miyagi's past was always the best part of the movie.

So to see this unexpected experimental short come together of editing together of just 15 minutes of spread out parts was really a wonderful surprise. It's not just about taking great parts of The Karate Kid Part II and making a short film, but rather something truly reflective on love and loss in the Japanese culture. I was moved and intrigued the whole way through, and I give MAJOR props to TM2YC for the effort made here-- and turning out something awesome in the process.

If I had anything I'd gripe about it would be that I wished somehow the ice breaking scene (or some parts of it) made it into the short. Sure, it has basically nothing to do with the overall theme of the short but that scene was BY FAR my favorite in the original movie, about believing in yourself and finding the focus to accomplish the impossible. No big deal though :)

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