Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1946 A Night In Casablanca

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Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1946 A Night In Casablanca
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The Swordfish Collection - A complete reworking of The Marx Brothers cinematic legacy
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I've been a lifelong Marx Brothers fan from my earliest memories but all of their films come with certain baggage...

Due to the commercial neccesities of the time and due to the radical nature of their comedy they usually peppered the popular songs of the day throughout the films, to keep people happy. At the time, this formula was boxoffice dynamite but some of these songs have not aged well and I almost always fast-forward through them. Also sometimes the plots, subplots and supporting talent isn't up to the match of The Brothers' firecracker humour. So wouldn't it be wonderful to have a collection of these films with all the killer and none of the filler?
I want these Marx Brothers edits to feel like nothing is missing (or nothing that you will miss anyway!), just pure comedy magic. With 'A Night In Casablanca', hopefully I've turned a flawed late-career highlight into a delight from start-to-finish.
Additional Notes:
As with other later Marx Brothers movies 'A Night In Casablanca' suffers from week romantic leads and sloppy editing. However, unlike other later films the comedy is on a par with the best (Groucho is as good here as in any of the best films). I've tried to fix the first issue and improve the 2nd where possible (It wasn't always possible to smooth out the bad audio and visual editing).
Other Sources:
The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection - Region 1 DVD Boxset
Special Thanks:
Thanks of course go to Chico, Harpo, Groucho and Zeppo for a lifetime of laughs.
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Special Features
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Editing Details:
I've removed every shred of plot-exposition I could that wasn't essential to move the plot along. Scenes have been re-ordered more logically, removed a subplot and fixed a few audio/visual errors.
Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added TM2YC title
00.00.12 - Added Swordfish title
00.01.46 - Removed slow pan from body and redubbed dialogue
00.02.37 - Trimmed pan across city and remade dissolve
00.03.20 - Removed Pierre's entrance shot
00.03.25 - Trimmed a little of Pierre's dialogue
00.05.17 - Trimmed a few seconds of The Count flicking through his code book
00.08.12 - Removed singing scene and start of Toupee subplot
00.08.15 - Remade dissolve and fixed audio error into Chico's first scene
00.08.36 - Trimmed shot of Casablanca officials waiting
00.12.49 - Brought forward scene of Kornblow running the Hotel to a point when it actually makes sense in the plot and doesn't interupt the Beatrice subplot
00.15.10 - Removed 2nd Toupee subplot scene
00.20.52 - Tried to improve "Pittsburgh" audio error but it still remains partially
00.23.23 - Removed 2nd singing scene
00.24.00 - Trimmed Pierre scene to remove refrence to the Toupee subplot and redubbed his dialogue
00.31.40 - Removed another scene of Pierre
00.40.06 - Created new fade to cover earlier movement of Kornblow scene
00.48.11 - Removed scene of Beatrice calling The Count
00.52.59 - Fixed another audio error and remade fade
00.58.32 - Removed scene of Beatrice calling the Police
01.09.01 - Removed scene of Pierre at the airport
01.10.27 - Removed scene of The Count onboard the plane
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I thoroughly enjoyed this edit. With the exception of Duck Soup, and a Night at the Opera, most of the songs have been excuses to go to the bathroom. Despite that, this has long been one of my favorite films of the brothers. Glad to see the slow stuff go away. Thanks!

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