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(Updated: January 12, 2014)
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since he directed Batman Tim Burton has long been one of my favorite directors, and while I consider Mars Attack to be a so-so film it's still leagues above his more recent out put. Given the lack of story other than Martians invading earth the original film felt too long so the shorter length here improves the film greatly. However the inclusion of characters that seemingly don't go anywhere is a problem that could have maybe been addressed and I've never cared for Jack Nicholson’s Art Land character. finally being a Brit the removal of Tom Jones is just scandalous :)

the technical side to this edit is flawless and like with many fanedits it was great revisiting a film that I wouldn't have thought about re-watching again.

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Owner's reply January 13, 2013

Thanks for the honest review.

I've left the majority of the cast in, but chose to do so in more of a cameo fashion. They don't get a chance to get a back story, and are therefore just there to move things along, like any other minor character.

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