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Mandy is a psychedelic film with an ambling, meandering pace and a significant emphasis on its ethereal mood and atmosphere. Which is great when you're in the right mood to soak that up, but that's not always the case.

Maven48's edit is a great alternate presentation of the film which achieves two goals:
1) Tightening the pace and rhythm of the film, and
2) Removing the more overtly supernatural elements of the film.

Now, I am a big fan of Mandy as originally released - but I really enjoyed this take as a different perspective on the same thing. Maven's version distils the film into a trippy, highly stylised revenge movie, and does so well.

In terms of the scoring - AV quality on the version I watched was great. I couldn't see any issues, and while a few scenes were *very* grainy that's in the original film.

Visual editing scores are not intended to suggest flaws or faults in maven48's work - there were no noticeable edits I could see, but a majority of the changes were fairly straightforward to implement. Having said that, there was some very deft audio editing in the scene where Jeremiah taunts Red while he's tied up in the yard - without having done a comparison to the original I'd never have noticed there was any change, which is always the desired result.

Narrative and enjoyment were, for me, on par with the theatrical. The choice between the original and this edit would be more down to what kind of mood I'm in, I think. If you own Mandy, definitely check this edit out.
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