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Impressive work all around. The color grading and rescoring were very successful to me in lightening the tone of the film and bringing back some old feels. It was overall very well executed. I'll start with visuals and visual editing. The color work was very impressive. I think the interior when he is surrendering is a touch blue but that's a minor niggle. All the exterior shots looks significantly better and the suit looked wonderful. I like the cuts, I don't feel like we lost anything. The flashback use was great and sets up the end well. I thought the placement of the flashback when he is surrounded against the fence could have been elsewhere, though. Where it was it sort of slowed the momentum going on and we went from flashback to pseudodream. If it had been placed before he surrenders I think it would have had a nice thematic echo with him eating his pride for the good of humans. The colors were really good. All of the cuts to the finale made the focus go to the characters with Zod disregarding human life. Definitely much better than thinking about random people probably dying during a climax. The opening credits were awesome, I really think they captured the tone of the edit. For the audio, this was the centerpiece of the edit to me. For a minute, I felt a little disconnect with the very modern look of the film and the music but it quickly hooked me. I really enjoyed it throughout and the music was edited to the screen action superbly. Some musical highlights: The music swells on "beyond your reach!", when Zod is taking off for Phantom Zone, when Zod first comes to Earth and Clark is looking up at the sky, when Lois gives the 'I told you so' look while Perry gives the 'you were right' look when Zod speaks to the world, the way it matched up with the tanks loading before Superman surrenders (great time for flashback IMO), the soaring music as Clark takes Lois's hand, "I don't care what you tell him" from the Colonel, over the sweeping shot as Zod turns to first speak to Superman, Superman rejecting Zod's plan, the timing of the main theme with his takeoff to return to Earth, when Superman attacks Zod from the side, the way the music comes down as she says "you're weak, son of El," great drums when Superman stares down military troops, then the quick hit of the theme when the Colonel says they're not enemies, the somber come down after the neck break. It only really didn't work for me when it sounded too upbeat in the immediate run-up to the neck break and the main theme was maybe used once or twice too often.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, great work!

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