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I didn't mind Man of Steel i feel it's a good strong film that maybe just didn't live up to the hype, but there's plenty of room for improvement which hopefully we'll see in it's follow up. This fanedit changes the narrative so we see the younger Clark on screen at the start and moves the opening segment later on.

This changing of the narrative doe's work and i do feel the Krypton sequence could have done with a few more cuts as we spend a little to much time away from Clark / Jor-El. with having all the scenes with Clark at the start some of the transitions didn't feel as smooth and you could have removed the scene of Clark being bullied at the garage as it didn't feel it belonged anymore.
but overall this works well and even echos the first Superman film with it's narrative structure.

the fight scenes are a little OTT but that's what to expect with a Zack Snyder film, while the editor has done his best with the cuts made they still feel overly long. i would have cut the conversation with the priest and the romantic interest between Louis and Clark. it feels it doesn't belong in this film and should have been saved for it's sequel.

While i recommend Avid 4D fanedit of Man of Steel it's minor flaws for me can't elevate it above the original. i could hear a couple of audio pops and some transitions could have been a little smoother, but these didn't distract to what is overall a enjoyable fanedit to Man of Steel. fanedit.

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