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So this is where the sand that is heated and formed into the fine unbreakable glass is formed, split and created and speaking of creation hopefully I am able to create a well structured and informative review and I place emphasis on the word hopefully as I have never reviewed a making of video before so this will not only prove to be a challenge for me but is a little out of my comfort zone but I’ll try to articulate my thoughts as clearly and as professionally as I can.

Your explanations regarding musical resonance with character motivation and atmosphere were very well explained and I can definitely see how the change in music or the addition of music added upon a scene that once did not bear music can completely alter the narrative mood and plot significance of specific scenes and sequences and you have done well in expanding your scope of musical usage to other sources beyond the movies you were fanediting such as that trailer.

You have a good understanding of both the portrayals and subtleties of body language in both characterisation and filmmaking and your use of editing clearly shows how you can effectively make use of the body language conveyed to link scenes and narrative threads together to create impactful moments that call back and call forward to said scenes speaking of impact I can see how removing certain narrative elements or even keeping certain narrative elements can completely save or destroy the flow of a fanedit in the making.

I can relate to the frustration of wanting to remove a disliked scene to fit a newly crafted narrative vision only to realise that removing said scene will ultimately cause problems later down the line and may cause an unfortunate domino effect and I am also in agreement with you that just because a film has deleted content that can be viewed on the disc does not necessarily mean that adding said scene to said film will always improve it in fact in some cases said scenes are often put into the deleted scenes section for a good reason.

You have displayed a lot of forethought and planning and this making of video shows that not all stages of the edits creation were easy to accomplish due to the nature of the source material and how said source material had been structured though it was interesting to see the narrative flow chart on pen and paper along with how you structured your act planning on your spreadsheet I might try that in the future as it definitely seems to have helped in refining your edits narrative cohesion.

There were quite a number of grammatical errors, along with some odd movement that occurs around the time that the text Narrative Parallels & Emotional Context appears which proved to be quite distracting though it’s difficult to specify all the grammatical errors without delving into spoiler territory otherwise I generally understood your explanations of the editing process though I don’t think the amount of spoiler warnings was necessary as just one spoiler warning per part would be good enough of an indicator to an audience that there is going to be spoilers up ahead.

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May 05, 2022
This is a great, well thought out review. The grammatical errors were partly my fault because I didn't catch them in the final preview. Wraith is a narrative genius, not a grammatical one.
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