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(Updated: September 08, 2012)
November 14, 2009 @ 9:13 PM

To some, any change to this film is sacrilege. I’m open minded enough to sit through someone’s vision of the film and Tranzor’s intent was to remove the drama and focus on the action and he did that. This is a perfect version to watch if you only have under an hour to spare. I was quite impressed with how it played out and how the entire “family” part could be so easily removed. It could now be entitled “MAD MAX AVENGES THE GOOSE”. Someone above mentioned that he doesn’t really buy that Max would flip out because a buddy of his was killed. A buddy he probably worked with for years and went through hell with. They might have joined the force at the same time. I think Max was probably sick of seeing so many of his friends die that this one sent him over the edge. The reviewer also mentioned that it has lots of rough cuts but I didn’t notice any. I admit that I’m not a pro when it comes to this stuff but this edit entertained me and that’s all that matters to me. I know Tranzor did this edit for himself but I’m glad he decided to share it with us.
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