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Overall, this edit showcases a very good pacing for the entire story. Audio and videos cuts, while plenty, were professionally executed.
The final two scenes of the original first film, the Warg tree scene and the Eagles scene, have been really well edited.

Personally, I really dislike the Goblin song, that section really seemed to be asking to be cut from the edit.
As a personal opinion, I’m not really into the cut to the intermission; such a think used to be done in all films in cinemas but, in the present, it has been used less and less. I’ve found I enjoy my film experiences at the cinema more when no intermission exists.

The first time the dwarves meet with Bard, there’s now a continuity error when Bard mentions the Elves and touches one of the barrels; this should be removed because no barrel fight happened in this edit.

The removal of the Elf vs. Dwarf combat in the final Battle works very well.
The main issue here, for me, is the scene of the Elves jumping over the Dwarves’ (very strong-looking) shield wall; this is one of the most stupid battle tactics I’ve ever seen. Does it look cool? A bit, I guess. Does it work in a tactical sense? 100% no.

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