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I’ve seen this on both the digital format and the blu-ray, which I burned and watched on my TV. I must say, this is the edit I’ve been looking for. What got me into this community was looking for a fanedit for The Hobbit trilogy, and I stumbled upon The Tolkien Editor’s very rough and low quality edit from 2015, thought “this is a good idea, but shit quality”, then a friend in a discord for Teh Lurd of teh Reings YouTube channel (a very funny LOTR meme channel) sent a link to M4’s edit. I was blown away. Almost all transitions, both audio and visual, are impeccable. And the ones that aren’t are very very close, but because of the available footage, are as good as can be given M4’s goal of keeping it as close to the book and the LOTR trilogy adaptations. It’s my go to Hobbit edit and I have added it to every marathon I do of LOTR, extending a previous 12 hour marathon to a glorious 16, and I love every minute of it (LOTR is my favorite movie after all). Fantastic job M4!

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