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Just finished the first two films and here are my thoughts (spoilers).

The first film was excellent despite having a long run time. Two elements are more noticeable in the second and were not explained, Jack's key necklace and Jin's handcuff. It is unfortunate these two props are around and would confuse new viewers, not sure if it is possible or worthwhile to try to explain them.

No real flashback stories in the second film. Since the first film showed some of Jacob giving Jack an item, it would have been great to include the scene of Jacob visiting Sayid (44 seconds) right after it shows Sayid carry her body away. This would show Sayid losing Nadia in an accident paralleling Shanon's death and have a payoff to the continued references to Sayid's loss and Jacob appearing twice.

Not sure if the third film handles the flashbacks for the tail section but hopefully it does cover more of them and explains why they are paranoid.

The scene where Shannon sees Walt is abruptly edited, it would make sense with a commercial break but showing a shadowy figure and then fade in to her sitting outside was jarring.

Other than that it was a great entry. It will great to have a source that focuses on the island mysteries and the best drama bits without the filler. Something to recommend to people that have never seen the show. It is crazy how fast things move when the story is focused.

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