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TV-to-Movie August 01, 2013 2020
(Updated: February 02, 2014)
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I want to start with the audio issue. I know a previous reviewer said they had a problem but the Admins didn't find an issue. I've double checked and made notes of everything and am confident in my findings. (Note I'm running off my HTPC via an encoded output through an optical digital cable to my receiver which decodes the signal.) My receiver states that it's Dolby Digital EX but what it's decoding isn't separated properly. The center channel is coming from the rear surround channels and the other 5 speakers sound like an even mix of all 7 channels (including center).

However please note that when I switch to a non-encoded analog signal output my receiver decodes it as Dolby Pro-Logic II (as selected) and it plays properly with dialogue from the center, effects in the surrounds and music and other effects primarily L+R. I tried this with both VLC and the PLEX media center with the same results.

That's pretty much where my skill set ends and I don't understand how a direct encoded DD signal is all wonky but when it's reduced to a 2ch analogue signal it is then decoded properly. Also note that when I first started watching this (in the digital encode) the first audio effect of the Lost 'thud' (as I call it) was very loud and blew out my front right speaker (and scared the cat). I used one of my rear surrounds to replace it so now I'm down to 6.1. BTW, the 'thud' was only an issue when I originally played it as a digital encode before switching to Dolby ProLogic II.

I'm confident in stating there is something awry with the audio and it could be some corruption in the digital encode that doesn't find its way to the analogue downmix. OR Perhaps it only effects certain setups with different types of audio ins/outs/cables/decoding methods, etc.... BUT this is the only title I've had this problem with and I've had this setup for 4 years now. In any case, on to my review....

I finished watching this last night and I'm mighty impressed. On the whole I felt the flow was nice, both the audio and video edits were relatively seamless and the picture quality was great.

There's quite a bit about Lost I enjoyed when it aired but I had major problems with many of the lead characters (who I found to be extremely annoying) and the long drawn-out flashbacks. All that is gone now and I can enjoy it and I look forward to the other fanedits of this series.

I just have 2 minor issues with the edit. I wish the credits could have been avoided and I know it would have been difficult to achieve. I know cropping would have diminished quality which would have been just as bad I think. Just wondering if they could be blurred? I've seen it done before to good effect. My other issue was that the pacing of the last 45 minutes or so felt rushed and there was no real build-up to an exciting cliffhanger, but it could have just been the fact I knew what was coming.

Those are minor qualms, however, and on the whole I thought this was great and will be watching it again as my DVD's sit all alone on the shelf collecting more dust. Thanks Radzinsky!

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Owner's reply February 02, 2014

Thanks for the great review. You'll be glad to know I'll be cropping the credits from now on, and will go back and release the first three films in this new format after the completion of the series. I've also done some investigation of the audio issue myself, and have found the same strange problems as you did.

I'm currently in the process of figuring out the best way to fix the problem, and have come up with a solution that will probably work. By exporting each audio track as a single mono file, I should be able to avoid similar issues in the future.

I'll also apply a global sound reduction as well, since a few people's speakers don't seem to be able to handle the heavy bass of the films without distortion.

Again, thanks for the great and informative review.


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February 02, 2014
Thanks for providing excellent input about the audio issues. Great way of explaining the issue.
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