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TV-to-Movie August 01, 2013 2013
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Excellent edit! I definitely look forward to the rest of this series.

Quality - 10

Both the DVD5 and the 1080p MKV have my seal of approval.

Editing - 8/10 visual, 10/10 audio

Solid work here. Only real thing to look at is the opening credits that appear throughout. If you're using an HD source you can easily crop out the credits without losing too much in quality. I also suggest you edit in 1080 but render in 720. That way when you zoom/crop the quality loss will be absolutely minimal (if done corre0ctly). As it is now the credits thing isn't stopping it from being approved, I strongly suggest you try to remove them but if you don't it's just a difference between an 8 and 10.

Narrative - 9/10

The structure worked 100%. I especially enjoyed how you played certain episodes out side by side. And kudos for Jack's flashbacks in the beginning. At times it felt episodic but that's unavoidable with this type of edit.

Enjoyment - 8/10 (original Season One is 8)

I really enjoyed this, it reminded me of why LOST was such a great show. And it's always great to look deeper into earlier episodes once you know the end.

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